Federal Government Announces $400 million for Recreational Trails and Active Transportation

Federal Government announced money for $400 million for Trails and Active Transportation.

Let’s build some trails!!!

Press release:
Andy Fillmore Announcement at Bike Again:


Lol they will probably spend it all on paving Rails to Trails like the COLT.

Hope we actually see some improved cycling infrastructure in the city, a bike lane completely around the Sambro and Peggy’s Cove loops and some new MTB trails.


Ha, 400 million spread nationwide. That ain’t going to singletrack. Would like to see the blue route improved on. Or just rural cycling in general.


Ya pave a few shoulders and fill a couple pot holes would be nice. But let’s just hope part of that comes to Nova Scotia. It may all end up in Ottawa and Quebec. :pray:


I imagine a good chunk of it will go to studies
and paying people to oversee the implementation of the results of the studies.


It depends how the funds are distributed.

If recreational trail is included, and it’s open for trail associations to apply for, then it could be great.

At the Nine Mile River Trails Association, we have plans to build new trail, but it’s expensive! We’re following leads for funding, so keep your fingers crossed that it will come together.

We’d love to use volunteers to build trail, because it’s way cheaper than hiring a company or crew (not free because you still need to support the volunteers, and need to buy material for boardwalks, etc.), and great for community engagement and education. However, the best land for trail is on the far end of our system, and a one hour walk or more each way to the work site is probably a big ask for regular volunteer support.

If there are projects that you might like to see in your municipality, then talk to your councilor, or municipality representative, and then see if the funds could be used to make it happen.


Something we could really use is an active transportation link between Dartmouth and Bedford.


Too bad they couldn’t kick some of this MTB trail money New Scotland’s way!


love how everyone is appropriately so cautious to get any hope :slight_smile: . any local groups putting together a bid to access these funds? I can see no better opportunity to put a bid in, even 10k in certain systems would help greatly for access

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A bit early for that.