FightTrail - New Trail

What an awesome job the trail builders have done with the new trail that encircles Lou’s Basement. Great job!!

There are three bridges that have been built and another going up soon. As far as I see it there is only on impossible spot no matter which direction you are traveling (although hitting it down rather than up you would have a chance. Up would be impossible, at least for my 53 year old ass) The only spot that will need work IMO is the gap between the rocks before you hit the second bridge. If you come with enough speed you might be able to hop it but it is a rim smasher for sure as it is about 2 feet wide.

Great job by the builders. Thank you so much for helping to make a new trail and our sport so awesome!!

If this trail is not named I nominate Honey Jar. This tune came on my phone while I was there on Saturday and it just seem to fit

Honey Jar - The Wood Brothers

That trail has lots of honey dripping of its spoon


If you don’t agree with me at least you got to listen to an awesome tune by my absolute favorite band. I would highly encourage you to check them out

@muddy unfortunately it already has a name…The Attic. Good tune though:)

The Attic works for me too.

Glad you liked the Wood Brothers. Check out their other stuff. It’s all good

The new trail is fun, I hope the one section left that is not ride-able gets a bridge of some kind. I suspect it will as who ever is building the trail is adding bridges one by one it seems. That is the only spot left that you must walk.

I ran into a really nice fella who is apparently responsible for most of the trail and he is bridging that section. I am sure he said he was building a 30’ bridge. That would be one mother to climb up. I don’t know who could do it. Andrew L’esperance or Jamie Lamb maybe.

There’s a similar bridge climb in Gord’s Gold. It’s a tough go, but you can do it, Kirk. I believe in you. :slight_smile:

Loving this trail. It’s awesome in both directions. Kudos to the elves.

I can climb any and all of the bridges. The spot I am talking about doesn’t have a bridge…yet.

I agree Jeff. Fantastic work by the builders

Oh, I know the spot. If it wasn’t for that damn rock at the bottom, pretty sure you could tackle it on the way down.

Yeah that damn pointy rock. I’m very confident going in the down direction but without a bridge I can’t see how I would ever climb that in the other direction.