First time at Wentworth - Advice Requested

Hi folks,

This weekend will be my first time in Wentworth!! I will be climbing as the chair is not open yet. I am not sure how many laps one can muster.

I am a seasoned rider and spent years riding at MacRun, but also in Vancouver and Whistler.

I want to maximize with hitting the best trails. I would not mind hitting the same trail more than once to get some trail knowledge and therefore speed on the go. I dont mind (love) tech and steeps and enjoy machine built flow trials, but find them a bit boring as I am not a good (terrible) jumper.

So…What do you recommend?


You’re gonna have a blast.

A good warm up lap is Kitchen Party (note there are two entrances, one at the top of the climb trail, but the full trail starts further up the road – worth the trek up to get the whole thing). It’s a slightly wider than singletrack flow trail without any real jumps, but some unreal corners. It’s fast and a ton of fun, and it spits you out 1/4 of the way up the hill so you don’t need to do the full climb.

Then for tech, you have Love Shacks and No Name, which are on the way to the top of Kitchen Party, both are loamy and technical with some great corners, compressions. No Name has a few nice tables, but they can be rolled.

There’s a new trail called Paradigm that I haven’t ridden yet, but it’s on the back side of the hill and has some steeps, man made features, tech and flow. It’s a black diamond run in comparison to the rest. Can’t wait to try it.

Lastly, there’s Hakuna Matata, which is a proper blue flow trail, and a great way to finish the day. If you can pull off five climbs, you’ll get a chance to do them all. That’s about an 800m day, which is definitely a big day out for most, but certainly doable.


@brightwhite Perfect thanks!

Going up to the look off is a cool little excursion too. It it even further up the road at the top. The trail goes off the road to the left.

Not sure if it is official.


Soo, I went and had a blast. Thanks for the advice!

I was fired up, so I did the climb without delay and hit Paradigm first. I was thinking Wentworth is a baby hill but Paradigm delivered! The rock face and jumps were legit.

Love Shacks was a one-timer. Not so much love for that.

Kitchen Party was a blast. Hit that twice, and then back to Paradigm. I was tired and the arm pump was too much so that was more of a check-it-out again ride, not hitting the features. Then HK for a fun lap and out.

WW is legit. I went in bragodicous and was humbled. SO MUCH FUN.

I will be back.

My 120 mm trail bike did feel a bit sketch at times. I am already looking at big bikes for WW park days.

BUT I may rent a big bike for the Chair. Does anyone know what the “Enduro” bikes they are renting will be?


I believe they will be renting Devinci Chainsaws.

Stoked that you enjoyed it. Paradigm is amazing.

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