Fitz mountain report - any good right now?

Any ideas on the condition of Fitzpatrick mountain since Fiona? I’d like to get go there if it’s worth it.

They have an instagram acct @mtpc.
My understanding is that Fitz was very badly damaged with no eta on a time frame of repair. They are going to need alot of assistance when the time comes to get on the tools.

I drove by, and have done some gravel in the area since, would not advise.


Thanks for the updates.

Not good unfortunately!

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Any news in keppoch?

The new guy running things at Keppoch did post not long ago with an update on conditions. They do appear to have some runs open.



Heard a rumour that Fitzies might be on clearcut chopping block. Anyone else hear anything?


Considering the damage it may be related to the hurricane. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

I heard there will be clear cut sections but land owners are committed to keeping trail system. It may take 2-3 years though.

That’s likely some mix of hearsay and speculation though.

It wouldn’t be Pictou County without it!