Fitz of Fury - May 22nd

More info on facebook here: Fitz

Four of us are heading up the following weekend and staying in a chalet at Stonehame, which is now called Smith Rocks. Lots of riding, barbecue, campfires, washer toss and jamming. I may never come back

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What could go wrong, if it’s got the name Smith in it!

We’re doing the same the weekend after that, Kirk. Cannot wait!

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Don’t forget to pop in Uncle Leos. It’s just down the road.

Make sure you include Blow Down trail. My favorite and I keep hearing from people missing it on their start down the hill.

How was it,@muddy, @brightwhite?

I had a great weekend of riding. Keppoch on Saturday and Fitz’s on Sunday. If you haven’t been to Keppoch I would HIGHLY recommend it. Incredibly well built trails not just a path through the woods. Fast and flowy. I rode up to the top 6 times and picked my poison for the ride down. The people who run Keppoch are in bad need of a marketing team. With the right plan it could be quite a destination for us riders. I can’t say enough good things about these trails.

Fitzpatrick was awesome too. Very dry and as fast as ever. I’ve ridden here a number of times so it didn’t have the same impact for me as Keppoch. These are fantastic trails also. I would highly recommend these as well. It is up some pretty steep climbs but nothing that can’t be handled. I dragged my sorry ass up this one 4 times

And there was karaoke at the lodge Saturday night. It was very fun. Quite a spectacle to see

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Sounds like a blast, @muddy.

At Fitzpatrick, what’s the general route to make the best of the ups and downs?
Only one visit for me so far. Fun trails.

I ride up Fitz then down Blow down -> Sweet Svern -> Ella Awesome -> Maddy’s Madness -> Reindeer Rd.

Up yer kilt is not as good as it once was in my opinion.

Interested to hear what others like too.

Jeff that is exactly the route we took for the last run on the day. Don’t know that you would find a better set of trails anywhere than those. I must have laughed out loud a dozen times

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That’s the route I rode as well. Going up, mostly on the Fitz trail, another on a wider atv type trail, 551 or something. Also up Freerider and Rocket Robert to see what they’re like. Blowdown, Sweet Severn, Ella seems the best for dh. Fun.

We’re going in a few weeks. Can’t wait.

Hoping to get there this year as well.

Don’t miss out on Keppoch though

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