Fitzpatrick mountain question

I am heading to fitz on tuesday and have a question for those familiar with the trail.
the last time we were there we kind of got lost and ended up taking the main road back to the school. my question is when going up the fitz trail do you go past the old stoneame chalets to get to the downhill or is it before that. we ended up on the back side of the windmills last time out!

My favorite route is to climb the Fitz trail up past the cell tower and take Blowdown trail which is just after the crest.

Blowdown is easy to miss. After reaching the crest, you will descend slightly. Keep an eye out for a property marker on the right. Just after that the Blowdown trail is on the right. (Its a Y heading back at you)

Blowdown is a benched trail that follows the ridge back towards the Chalets and eventually joins Sweet Severn and then Ella Awesome.

Awesome. Thanks Jeff!

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I’m not sure if there are any new trails on this but it should be a help.

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So the best route is:
purple, green, yellow, teal, dark red, then black.
then repeat!
Got it?

it was awesome riding on Tuesday! did a couple laps of your recommendation. which route do they use for the fitz of fury xc race?

The year PedalTrout hosted the race we did, black, red, orange, green, yellow, and purple. With some extras included.
They changed the course this year making it the best one yet I have been told.

I love that place. There is a lot of me in those woods. Spent most of my youth in them.