Fitzpatricks Mtn status?

Can anyone tell me the status of fitzies? Closed or open? I don’t plan on riding there for a bit but will when it thaws and dries if it isn’t closed. A link to the info would be nice.

I can bike to it so I won’t be driving and parking if you want to know. Tks!

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I rode there last season no problem? There is quite a network of newer trails as well as the older stuff near the elementary school.

Lol I must have missed out on last seasons world shuttering pandemic then?


Most likely snow bound still, I would say that it would be really wet at points. I usually hit it come April-ish every year, but not today due to Pandemic… I know it is open as I ride by on the road and see a car or 2 in the PL, I have not been there for a month or so…I done a few rides this past winter… there were a few trees down (Rocket Robert and entrance)… the last time I was there hiking, I did see someone cleaned up the entrance. When it is ready to go, it is a great place to get the lead out!

 Stay safe..
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Cool thanks. I’ll probably wait until mid to late may. Made the mistake of going too early once and it was all ice.

Googled Fitzpatrick mtn and found this, has some email/ phone contact info that might be helpful
Not sure if it is the specific section/part of the Mtn you’re looking for though, I’m fully unaware of the area.

Just a note…

From the weekend: Main originl fitz \ up to cell tower is pretty good, a little snow and ice, I had to get off 2 times. Up from cell tower to blowdown is plain snow - no way to get across to windmills! From Cell tower to chalets -> reindeer \ or cross over to mid blowdown to Serverin, you are pretty much good to go. Rocket Robert has snow at the end, you will have to walk it there also. Fat lip and that area is open, there are a few trees down, going to get out to clear hopefully this week…

Seen a few people out riding and walking, good to see…

Stay safe..

Thanks, probably wait a while longer. I prefer all dry.

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I second that motion.

No sense in risking trail damage if they are soft.

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