Five Tens on Sale

Hey fellow flat pedallers, all FiveTens are currently half price with free shipping.


The Freerider shoe that I snagged also had a $30 discount when added to the cart!

Good looking out @Rolls!

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Nice one, thanks @Rolls!

I need flats! Going to try making the switch from clipless :grimacing: Thanks @Rolls.
Any reviews from anyone re size reliability - true to size, run small, run large?
Anyone have any preference for style in terms of durability or grip? Looking at the Freerider Pro or Freerider.

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Nice, no plans to switch to flats but I snagged a pair of Hellcat Pros to replace my current half-destroyed shoes. Hopefully they stand up to the granite a bit better.


I am running Hellcat Pro’s and they are holding up well so far. Much better than my old impacts did and about as well as my old Maltese Falcon’s did. The Hellcat pro is also a billion times nicer than the OG Hellcat’s.

I’m annoyed that the move to Five Ten/ Terrex ended up with all of the large footed person shoes being scrapped. Luckily I have a couple backups and can probably get through the next decade or more with my collection of clipless shoes seeing as I too run them into the ground.


The men’s run true to size.

I have a 12+ year old pair of Freeriders that I still wear, and a pair of Freerider Pros that only lasted a season and a half. The Pros are a much nicer shoe, but mine were far less durable.


@camurray I’ve got freerider pros, worth the extra dollars IMO. I’ve had a couple pairs of non-pros in the past, which have more exposed stitching around the sole that wore out and then the sole peeled off.

For sizing I wear a 9.5 in every shoe I’ve ever owned, but FiveTens fit my foot a size smaller, so I need a 10.5. They are meant to be stiff with not much flex so best to size up if unsure.


I feel like that when Adidas got more involved with Five Ten and it became Five Ten/ Terrex the product has not been the same. Yes my OG Hellcat’s were heavy and bulky and held water for a week, but they were bullet proof.


Thanks @Rolls! I only wear flats in the winter, but needed a new pair. Got Freerider EPS Mids (EPS is the “winter-ready” version) for $81 delivered. Not bad since they are regularly $190 + tax!


Ya I wanted the EPS Mids too but my size is sold out. Guess I’ll just stick to thick wool socks for the winter.

Ordered the EPS Mids as well. Hoping they’ll be much better than the non-biking specific boots I had been using in the winter.

Rad! Ordered some freerider pro canvas. I like my current freerider pros, but I prefer the feel/comfort of my older Spitfire Canvas, should be interesting to compare them. Thanks for the heads up.

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The women’s shoes seem to run true to size. I wear 7.5 FiveTen’s (Freerider). My specialized clipless shoes are also 7.5. Hope that helps!


If your size isn’t available, keep checking. The one I was looking at was just restocked.

How do the 510s fit compared to ride concepts.
I require a wide shoe with a fairly square toe box… often stuck wearing a half size up in most shoes i buy regardless style or brand… my r.cs are size 11

Are the 510s comparable to adidas for width? I havent fit in adidas in 20 years

I have wide feet as well, but zero arches. 5.10s and RC shoes seem to fit about the same for me. I switch back and forth between 5.10 Trailcross GoreTex on wet and winter days (best mtb shoes I’ve ever owned, tbh) and a set of RC TNTs, both in a 9 and they fit great. Good sized toe box in each.

Ride Concepts feel like a better quality shoe to me and are wearing far better than my Freerider Pros did.

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Ok gotcha. I have rc powerlines which i wear both for riding and casully i love the fit so much. And wildcate when its cooler or just want the added ankle protection and support

Might just stick wirh rcs where i cant try the 510s on locally before ordering

MEC has 5 10’s