Folding bead tire recommendations?

Looking for recommendations on best valued folding bead tires. Currently have Schwalbe Nobby nics 27.5/2.25 but they are wire bead and I have yet to be able to change them on my own - gritted teeth, yanking, levering and all. I know I can change folded bead tires. Any opinions on Schwalbe nobby nics “Addix” vs Maxxis Minion DHF? Or any more options I could be aware of (other than tubeless)?
I’m reading that cyclist preference tends to be folding over wire. Thoughts?

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Minions are pretty popular… i just picked up a dhf 29er for my trek. The stock bontragers are wearing faster than expected

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I’ve found that Minions seat well, yet someone still have enough give to be easier to change over.

Can I assume you’ve googled and tried usual tricks like applying soapy water to help the tire slide on better?


@IanMHFX - yeah I’m leaning towards the Minion 3C EXO TR. I see Chainreaction has them with overall good reviews. For me it’s about feeling confident that if I’m alone on a trail or riding an event I can quickly change a flat with just levers, spare tube and a hand pump.


EXO casings are really easy to get off and on, either with or without tools. The EXO+ casings and DD/DH casings are ugly enough to make a train jump the tracks and take a dirt road back to the station.


Generally speaking, the thinner the casing the easier it will be. Also can depend on if your rims use “hooks” or not, so your tire/rim combo can influence things. Michelin’s performance line is pretty good value and CRC has them, along with all the other options everyone else mentioned. Not sure if this helps. Cheers.

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If you want to save on duties and shipping, Sportwheels has a good selection of 27.5 mtb tires right now saw the Michelin ones in there that Ryan mentioned but also Schwalbe, Maxxis and Specialized.

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CRC and JensonUSA have an option to pre-pay duty, so the price at checkout is the final price. If you can get someone else to buy a set of tires with you, or you need other parts as well then you can get free shipping.

It’s great to support local and all, but when you can get a set of tires within a few days for roughly half of buying locally, I find it pretty hard to justify.

As far as tires go, I’ve been running EXO casing Maxxis Aggressor rear and High Roller II or Minion DHF front for quite a few years and have zero complains. I’ve only ever ran the dual compound models and they seem to grip really well, as well as last a good amount of time. I don’t have any experience with the 3C compound, but I know that they have more grip (how much more, I have no idea), but with the cost of wearing quicker.


Lolz. Hey, I’m down with getting a good deal, found the juxtaposition funny is all.

Thanks @Jetter. I’m starting to realize there are several factors that influence tire choice and easy to go down a rabbit hole of tire and motion physics lol. Lots of great options and points offered up here, I feel I can’t go wrong with a Maxxis folding model.