For Sale: 2017 Scott Scale 945 (Size L) - Temporary stay of execution

The time has come. I gave it a year or so and I just couldn’t find the love.
It’s a shame really, because it’s a cool bike that deserves a good home with someone to take it out for a rip every once in awhile.

Basically a ‘mostly’ stock setup. I added a Specialized Henge saddle (143mm) and the tires just had the sealant redone with Finishing Line which is not supposed to dry out. I’ve got XTR pedals on it in the pictures, but they were a birthday gift and I don’t know if I can part with them yet, at least not at the advertised price of $1600. I’ve got about 1300km on it and it has a fresh chain as of a couple hundred km ago.

It’s a pretty quick climber, for sure, and a relatively cheap addition to the stable if you’re the type of person that hits a few XC races over the course of the season, but maybe not is an all-out podium contender looking for a carbon, full sus setup.

Thanks for looking!


I’m taking this off the market for a bit. Too much fun to be had when the trails are this good.