For sale: Five Ten Freerider Primeblue MTB Shoes (sz 11)

PrimeBlue Freerider shoes. I followed their sizing guide but ended up with shoes WAY too big for me. I tried them a few times because I needed new shoes, but they’re simply too big for me to manage.

Cost $175 new, asking $150.

I’d take them but I’m not sure when I’ll get to Halifax next.

What size do yiu normally wear. I tried on some rise concepts in the winter. 10.5 felt small

Keep reading In several spots online that the sizing for the true brands is completely off

I bought a pair of size 8.5 front someone on here recently. They’re a tad snug, but I’m banking on them stretching a little. Even if they don’t, they will suit me far better than these ones.

That’s quite a size difference

Turns out my old shoes were probably a bit too big, too. They were a 10. I love my new shoes! The old shoes are likely way too worn to be worth selling.