For Sale : Kids Blue Strider Bike

Asking 100$

I’m selling my Son’s Blue Strider bike. These have no pedals and are terrific for teaching kids balance and they can go like hell. Skip right over the tricycle and go straight to regular two wheeler. The tires are solid rubber/foam so they never need air. It’s adjustable for a pretty wide range of heights from 2 to 4 year olds. Has quick releaes on both the handlebars and seat so no tools necessary.

Why am I asking 100 bucks? A few reasons

  • It is in very good condition. I’ll even take the REDBULL sticker off it if you want, but lets faceit, Redbull stickers are badass.
  • These things retail for 129.99, then you have to ship it and pay taxes so I sunk $160 into this.

I’ll hagle a bit, but please be reasonable. No trades.

Is this one with foam or rubber tires.
Side note, what’s the little one’s next ride? :slight_smile:

They’re foamish.

His current ride is a Norco Mini Ninja… oddly enough he let me take the pedals off of it.