For sale! Trek Fuel ES8 GX 2021

Only use 3-4 times! I have a Trek Fuel ES8 GX (size M) 2021 for sale. I am asking $4000. I also have a brand new spare tire, spare chain, spare break pad and tube.


Nice rig but isn’t that what they cost new? So I’d be saving the…tax? And not have a warranty?

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Brand new is about $4800 +tx and I have for $200 of brand new spare kit. Also about the warranty, where I bought it will honor it. My friend is the owner…

Perfect. Sounds like a good deal.

Happy to see your being honest with the pricing no joke.

Theres been several ex 7s for sale on marketplace for full price minus the tax at 6 months old. Thats just greasy. If its used one seasoj id say atleast 20% less than ticket price… if i had sold mine this time last year it would be listed at 3200 ish i paid 4100 after tax



No, sorry, it’d be a size too big. Best of luck unloading it.

And honestly, if I’m spending that much money on a bicycle I’d want to buy it from a shop so any problems/warranty things are handled the normal way.

I take your point, but in this case Trek made their warranty transferrable to second owners as of model year 2020. It becomes a 3y warranty to the new owner instead of lifetime, but this is still a significant step forward in the bike industry.

The OP might want to add that.


oh cool, didn’t know that. Definitely makes second hand more appealing. I tend to hold onto bikes forever so would probably still want the lifetime on the mainframe. Good to know, though. thanks!