Fork or shock volume spacers?

Has anyone adjusted their fork or rear shock by adding volume spacers?

What was the desired effect and how did it work out?

My rockshox pike has the “bottomless tokens” system for tuning the air spring. I run two of the tokens that screw into the top cap of my air spring side. The idea is to make the fork ramp up faster at the end of the stroke providing bottom out resistance. I’ve experimented with the number of tokens in my fork, starting with zero installed and going all the way to 4. 2 seems to work well enough for me, with a nice ramp up at the end of the stroke and no harsh bottom outs.

There is a good article/video that helps explain in some more detail.,29117/bturman,109

Thanks @JoshM.

A bit of extra fork oil in the air chamber works great to. I’ve done this one allot of shocks / forks over the years.


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