Fork Upgrade Suggetions For Entry Level Bike

My nephew has a Rocky Mountain Soul 20. (2016) with Suntour XCR coil sprung fork QR9.

What would be a good upgrade to get something decent? Thinking airsprung with rebound control but QR 9 27.5 with 120mm travel.

Or would I need to find a 15mm through axle wheel to get a good fork for it?

What’s the budget? 15mm thru axle wheel would probably open up possibilities and be nicer, but obviously adds to the cost of things.

Also, tapered or straight steerer?


Not sure on budget. Not a lot though. 200-300 unreasonable?

I’d check pink bike you could prob pick up a fox 32-34 for around 250-300

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Most of those would be 15mm and require a wheel too, I’m guessing.

I would recommend something like the rock shox judy

Maybe call a couple of the local bike shops to see if they have any around that they could sell with a service.

As mentioned above, watch the thru axle option as a new wheel would cut into the fork options/budget but likely opens up options on the forks. I think on some hubs you can switch the end caps on the hub which might be an option.