FOUND 2 pairs of glasses at Whopper

I found a pair of prescription glasses and a pair of sunglasses at Whopper today.
Wasn’t sure if I should take them or not in case the person was not on here or was a hiker so I left them in visible places where I found them.

The prescription glasses are on the power lines just past the service road where most people head in. If you’re heading towards the new Hospital I left them on a rock where you go around that first big water hole.

The sunglasses are on Susie Q near where it joins the lake loop. If you’re heading clockwise, they are just before where the two trails join in a tree.

Unrelated, but we once found a pair of mangled prescription glasses in the toilet in my office that no one has access to but my staff or the cleaners. How does this happen, and what went down the night before? The mind wanders.