[FOUND] Sub $500 MTB to get me back into biking

Hello all,

Looking for a hard tail / front suspension bike to get me back on the trails. Trying to find something with 27.5" wheels, medium frame (I’m 5’9", ~31" inseam), preferably hydraulic disc brakes, ~100 mm travel fork with lockout (air suspension preferred but I guess that’s a long shot). My max budget is approx $500 but actual price will be discussed.

Thanks for your time! PM me if you’ve got something so we can chat.

EDIT: Found a bike! Thanks for the help in pointing me to some great BST resources.


This facebook group is a good source for used bikes. Also a few local shops carry used bikes…Bike Pedaler, Halifax Cycles, Long Alley Bikes off the top of my head.

Awesome thanks for the info! I’ll keep a look out.

If you just getting back into it go for a 29’er I just got a new bike and this one has to go make me an offer!