Fox pants/shorts

Anyone running fox pants or shorts, is their waist sizing true to size or size up?

I have a pair of Fox ranger shorts and they’re 34 waist. They fit true to size and fit great!

Yup, multiple 32 waist shorts here and true to size.

Me as well 32 in are pretty bang on

How are the pants for someone with bigger thighs. I typically have to go up a size in pants so I can move around in em.

I’m 510 215 lbs with 36" waist

5’ 10” 208lbs, and 36 waist here, I find they’re a bit snug but I could stand to loose a few :rofl:

@Margareefisher, agree with other posters Fox runs pretty true to size.

Keep in mind that they have three franchises of gear- FlexAir (think mobility and ventilation), Defend (think protection, bit looser cut to accommodate protection underneath) and Ranger (think versatility of use on/off the bike).

In pants the FlexAir and Defend pants have 4-way stretch material so they won’t restrict mobility. These styles are both best sellers for Fox.
Ranger pants have 2-way stretch so a bit less stretch but also a bit less $$.
Any of the pants or shorts in the Water series will have a bit less stretch since they have a membrane between the fabric layers. Same with any of the insulated winter styles, they’re still stretchy but not quite as much as non-insulated or non water-proof models.

Best way to buy apparel is to try it on so you’re comfortable with the fit and features. Within a 1 hr radius of Hfx your Fox MTB dealers are Cyclesmith, Sportwheels, The Bike Monkey and Banks Bikes.



Gonna make a crazy suggestion. If you’re not opposed to it and are going for riding pants and Jerseys hit up Callus Moto. They actually contribute to local trails, are locally based employing local people. And the prices stomp on Fox, Alpine Stars etc. There is no comparison.

Also Ride NF makes all of its gear in Canada, and is a cut above “mainstream” brands at a similar cost but is made in Canada not overseas.


Very true their prices are mucy cheaper on pants… he just has the one style for mtb from what’s listed… hoping they get fresh stock in the shorts before the summer… plus supporting local not a California based company

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They will have shorts. Also in the clearance there are some jerseys for 25 bucks can’t go wrong. The Can am retros are so nice!

Ahh cool I haven’t been to Truro to ride since September so hopefully mid-late april

Any recommendations for jackets… I have a cheap wind breaker from DC shoes right now .but I’m looking at rhe camo callous jacket or a fox one…

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