Fox Shock rebuild

It’s a Fox Float RL, 8 years old and it’s had plenty of use. I love it, but I don’t love having to pump it up everytime I ride. :frowning:
Sounds like a coil is what you want… no need to pump those up. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had my shock rebuilt overhauled last year by a local shop but that didn’t seem to fix the slow leak it had so I’m planning on sending it to Fox for a rebuild. Looking at their website it appears that I should just send it to OGC but I know that the last time I sent Fox a fork to rebuild it went to some other place in Quebec. Does anyone out there know the proper place to send it?

I don’t know what they Fox charges, but you could try these guys too:

Basic “factory” rebuild is like $100, or have it valved for your riding for a bit more…

I have been hearing lots of good things about Suspensionwerx ( They are west coast based, but this guy is supposed to work magic on suspension, it might be worth a try to pop him an e-mail.

What shock do you have? i didn’t care for my fox air shock so after it died and got stuck down, i decided to upgrade instead. was almost as much to rebuild it and stuff after shipping as it was to upgrade and now it works way better.

It’s a Fox Float RL, 8 years old and it’s had plenty of use. I love it, but I don’t love having to pump it up everytime I ride. :frowning:

Sue, you still have to take it to a shop for a rebuild, but they will send it to OGC for you if it requires more than a little overhaul/seal replacement, which I would recommend for an 8 year old shock. The most it would cost is $150. The sooner the better, as it is the ‘busy’ time for these kinds of things. I don’t know about the gourmet shock repairers but I haven’t seen any problems with OGC’s fox specialists.

Sue, have a machine shop build a blank of solid metal with the holes made for your eye to eye measurement at proper sag to tie you over until you get a nice steel rigid bike. :slight_smile:

Seriously though, 8 years on the same shock?!? Good job. I HATED my Fox air shock. I am hating suspension period lately. Loving my rigid. Things are too complicated sometimes. Bring back the elastomer!
I hope your shock isn’t too wore out and can get a good freshening up.

Aaron, I already HAVE a nice rigid steel bike! Well, not quite rigid - it does have a little front suspension.

I don’t understand why people hate those shocks - mine has been very good to me and I’ve given it little to no love. Maybe I lucked out, but hey, I’ll take it!

Sue, I sometimes think the more you baby and coddle and look after stuff, the worse it works. I just ride 'er now. No more maintenence.