Fredericton MTBing

Im looking for some input about the Fredericton area trails. I’m going home for a for a few days and am hoping to make a trip to the area to get some biking in one day. As my family will be with me, I’m only going to be able to check out one spot. That being said, which area is a must see, MVP or Odell Park? Or is there another place to check out?

If you can only go to one MVP is by far the best option. So much new flow and jump trail in the last year but there lots of singletack and some mellower stuff too.

I would not do the stuff to the far south on your fist trip there. All the new trails are at the far north of the system. Most of the green tails in the middle are mostly wider and flowy, the blue and black tails in the middle are mostly tighter singletracks. Everything is well maintained, signage is pretty good but there are lots of intersections that are not signed so it can be a little confusing sometimes. The Trailforks map is accurate and updated often there.

Technically speaking Odell singletracks are closed to biking but lots of people ride there often. They are fun but not my first choice if I can only ride one day.