Free ride ride and dig session - June 11 Gaspereau NS

Where: Secret Senders
Difficulty: Expert - or intermediates if you don’t mind skipping large portions of the trail and enjoy watching and digging

Notes: This is a ride in remote areas on a legal, but private trail system. Expect cliff hazards, gaps, rock faces, limited cell coverage, helmets required, pads suggested, leave your ego at home. Don’t get brave, ride what you’re ready for, no one will push you past your limits. Those who try wont be invited back.

[event start=“2020-06-26 23:00” status=“public”]. 4:00PM meet at Gaspereau Elementary School.

This is not an official ECMTB ride.

OK, so I’m going to try a thing an open public ride at Secret Senders. If you like drops, rock faces, janky trail, jumps and generally hard lines this is for you. If your cup of tea is smooth flowing trails this wont be your thing. But if your into being challenged come on out!

We’ll meet at Gaspereau Elementy for 4:00PM and then convoy to the trailhead from there. I have a small digging project to button up tomorrow that with a few folks wont take more then 15min and will open up two new jumps including a good sized gap around 15ft.

Let me know if your interested in coming, or have any questions.


Trails look like this

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If I wasn’t so busy this weekend I would be all for it!

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Next time!

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Ahhhhhhhhh i wish i could :pleading_face:

Also next time!

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I have my son…next time.

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abort. ill try agin later.

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Count me in for sure sometime

All the next times!

I’m away on a work trip for a bit, but will post up a ride when I get home!


So, just to confirm this is on June 26th, not June 11th?

I would love to join, live right around the corner. Let me know if I need to bring a shovel or whatever.


Not sure how the June 26th date got there but no, we were planning on June 11th.

But I should be home at the start of July and game for some laps then.

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Bump - Any takers for this weekend?

What day?

It you can do saturday im in.

I may be down depending when i get back from PEI.

Saturday is good. What time works for you?

I can be in gaspereau for 9am if that works for you?

Can do. I’ll meet you at the elementary school.

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