Free used lumber - SOME LEFT!

I recently replaced my deck and have pressure treated lumber if you’d like it. The stuff is 20 years old and you’d likely get a few years out of it yet. Mostly 1x4 in various lengths, with some 4x4 and 2x4. I live in Chezzetcook, yours for the taking.

On this note. I will have some scraps of fresh treated lumber over the next few months. From two large exterior projects.

Some of it I’ll hang onto but if any can be used at macintosh I’ll gladly bring it there for a trail maintenance night

2001 Freeryders going to be building some bomb hucks and skinnies in the woods off of the highway soon!


I’m down let’s build some high 6" wide skinnies and a classic road gap :call_me_hand:


You know you have an MTB problem, when reading this website gives you wood.


When do we start?!?

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MRWA could use pieces of PT lumber that are 2x8 or deeper, and at least 18" long. Good for blocking. Carrying smaller stuff into the woods usually becomes more trouble than it’s worth.

On the other hand, it seems there may be some other worthy projects in the works!


I will set stuff aside that can be used. It will be early mid may when i will have it


Perfect. Probably won’t be any big projects until late May or June.

That lumber is now gone.

I’m going to revive this thread as I do have some of this lumber remaining. Friends wanted it for a small project, but did not take all of it.
It is, in large part, comprised of 1x4 inch pressure treated 2-4 feet in length.
All free for the taking! Come and get it.
I live out at the Head of Chezzetcook, PM me and I will provide address.