Free Wheels - Rims bad, Hubs good

I tend to be hard on wheels, and I have a collection of bad wheels in the basement - 9 of them in fact. At the time, it cost as much to rebuild a wheel as to buy a new one, so I just bought new wheels. In hindsight, I should have spent more and bought stronger wheels.

Hubs are good on all but one wheel - which needs a new freehub body. The remaining wheels have bent rims or are too far out to true. They’re mainly Rhyno Lite or Sun S.O.S. rims, but as I say, the rims aren’t much good. The hubs are Deore level, 9mm quick release, although I’m keeping the QRs. All but two are 7-bolt disc ready. I put this ad up in case anyone wants to try their hand at wheel building. If not, the wheels will go into the garbage.

Interested… where are you located?

Located in downtown Halifax near Quinpool.

I love some if they are headed to the garbage, I assume 26inch? I have a nice rim at home that could use a nice hub.

Yes. All 26".

How quaint… olde timey wheels. :slight_smile:

I’ll take a disc compatible rear wheel if you’ve got one.

What is the easiest way to get these from you?

Sure. I’ll reserve one.

I can bring them to a Tuesday ride. otherwise Easiest for me is if you pick them up in Halifax or I can bring them to the new house in Sackville.

I don’t get to many Tuesday rides in the summer. I just live in Beechville, so I can easily pop down sometime this weekend to the Quinpool area. I think Saturday morning is the only time I don’t have car access.

No need to hold a wheel for me- I picked up a complete wheelset for a great price.

Ok. No problem.

Ian, I’ll PM you my number so we can find a time to get together.