Frostbike DH @ The Gorge

Ever wanted to race your bike in the snow? Well here is your chance! December 8, in Kentville @ The Gorge. Test your skills and have a ton of fun sliding around on the (hopefully) frozen and snowy downhill course. Non points race, just for the fun of it, and fun it will be!!!

Event FB page:

More details and event poster to come.

this race should be more fun then a barrel of monkeys riding bikes down ice cream, I hope it dumps the day before, ah never mind that would make it slow.

ith all the winters I’ve ridden, I just may have a hope in heck at this event.

10cm of snow would be nice!

Decided to ad in a whip off comp to the days events, just for fun of course. Time to practice getting sideways!

Turns out the BNS banquet will be the same night. Awesome!

wheres the whip off gonna be?

The current plan is to build a temporary (hopefully our of snow :slight_smile: ) booted in one of the fire road sections where it’s nice and wide but plans could change between now and december.

Looking forward to it.

Nights are getting colder, trails are starting to freeze, it’s almost time for the Frost bite!