Frostbike Race - December 8th

This promises to be an awesome race in the heart of the Annapolis Valley. A DH race at the Gorge with hopefully a little bit of snow to make things interesting.

More information here:

Some of the prizes for this weekends race…

Yee ha! Course is running shockingly fast considering the weather we’ve had recently. Good times here we come!

Getting psyched to have my butt handed to me!

Party time! We moved a bit of rink snow on to the trail in a few spots today to spice things up a bit. It looks like a cool night and tomorrow will stay below zero so the trail should be firm and fast.

Ohh yeah incase you have’t herd there will be a long jump comp after the race. hehehe. I am so amped.

So much fun. Great course, great organization, and great prizes.

The Jump off contest was epic with Ryan saving the best for last with an amazing jump!

I’m hoping this will be a yearly event…

Thanks Mike! I have got to say that was one of the most fun races we’ve put on ! Glad you came and enjoyed your self, and yes there will be another next winter. Michelle and I have already planned out some exciting additions to the event, but you’ll have to wait until next fall to find out what they are. :wink:

P/S: We went back an measured the distance on the long jump. 36ft to the back wheel. I guess 40ft is the goal for next time!

2013 Frostbite DH report
December 9, 2013 at 1:31pm
This was our sixth and final race of the 2013 season and we went out in style! For us the Frostbite was more of an excuse to get together and ride bikes with a bunch of friends and celebrate a great year than anything else, and what a day it was!

With the temperatures in Kentville staying well below zero the Frostbite DH earned its name and despite the cool weather 14 riders braved the slick, frozen, race course and put down some great times. Check out the results below…

Mens A Class:
Dave Marshall, TrailFlow Racing, 2:55:94
Ryan Lindh, TrailFlow Racing, 3:03:56
Keith Croucher, Tipsy Toad, 3:12:94
Chris Parnell, 3:45:28
Ian Walters, TrailFlow Racing, 3:57:66
Antonio Spartinelli, TrailFlow Racing, 4:20:16

Mens B Class:
Ben Mackey, 3:53:15
Ashton Kenny, 3:58:41
Sam Garron, 4:29:84

Mens C Class:
Nate Hilderbrand 3:58:25
Mike Phillips, Pedal Trout, 4:00:62
Jon Carroll, 4:22:57

Women’s A Class:
lola doucet, TrailFlow Racing, 3:43:90
Michelle Marcinkiewicz, TrailFlow Racing, 3:48:90

The DH was not the only event on the go for the day, we also had a fun long jump competition. Ryan Lindh took home the win for the mens category and lola doucet the women’s title. Check out some of the action here: … =2&theater Thanks goes to Jon Carroll for the excellent video.

Huge thanks to all our event sponsors and supporters including Valley Stove & Cycle, Sweet Ride, Dakine, Louis Garneau ,Kentville Recreation and Ski Martock.

See you all in the spring!