FS: 150m x 15mm Fat bike wheel and Surly Lou tire

Switching things up a bit so selling some extra parts.

No name/unbranded 26" front wheel.
150mm x 15mm hub.
Has rim cutouts and extra spoke holes were drilled out bigger. Comes with black rim strip.


Surly Lou 26x4.8 tire.
The two rows of outer lugs have been trimmed down with a Schwalbe tire cutter in order to fit my frame that shouldn’t fit a 4.8 tire.
The tire has minimal wear and would still have the little nubbies if I hadn’t removed them for clearance.
Tire measures 114mm wide @8psi on an 80mm rim, although it was the big diameter that mainly caused me clearance issues.
Buyer can test fit tire before buying if they are unsure of clearance in their frame.


I may be interested in the SRAM XD freehub if you’re willing to sell it separately.

They’re usually hub specific, but we can definitely give it a try and see if it works.


Price drop bump