FS - Fall/Winter/Spring Shoes

Louis Garneau 0 Ergo Grip. Water resistant, wind proof and warm. Room to zip a heater pack in the toe. Size 45 but best suited for 9 - 9.5 for room for extra socks and and insulated footbed. $30.

I wouldn’t mind trying these on, could use warmer feet this winter.

I can tell you from experience that a pair of winter boots is essential for a winter rider. I have a pair of Lake Boots that keep my feet toasty. I think the coldest I rode in them was -32 and my feet felt like I was at home in front of the fire

I used flat pedals and winter boots last year. Perhaps not ideal, but it worked. Definitely interested in a potential upgrade!

These have been very good shoes @IanM_MTB. I used them more in the shoulder seasons (spring & fall) for commuting and some mountain biking. They were great in -2ish to +10 or so. The option to zip in heater packs made them great for the few times I used them in -5 & colder.
You’re welcome to try them on. I’m in the valley but will be in the Dartmouth/Lawrencetown area on Saturday

Cool, I’m in Halifax and will be available in the afternoon.

I’d be interested in checking them out if Ian doesn’t take them.

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I’m interested too. I’m in the Valley during the day. Let me know where and when we could meet to try them on.

Sounds good. I’ll be in touch.


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