FS: Lenz Lunchbox, 150mm, XL - SOLD


2015 Lenz Sport Lunchbox
Size XL. Suitable for someone in the 6 to 6’4ish range.

The Lunchbox is Lenz’ all-mountain and enduro bike.

150mm Pike, 11speed with brand new XT derailleur and shifter, OneUp dropper, Flow EX/Hope Pro Evo wheels etc. BSA threaded bottom bracket.

Minion DHF and Aggressor tires, almost new (see pics)



This is an uncommon bike, especially in eastern Canada, so may need explanation.

The frame was made for me by Devin Lenz, who has been hand building aluminum frames in Colorado forever. Lenz quietly pioneered long travel 29ers, and many features that bike companies marketed years later as ‘innovations’, such as steep seat angles, short chain stays, and 157mm axles on trail bikes. As a result, even though this is a 2015 bike, it was well ahead of it’s time.

Hydroformed clamshell downtube, 157mm rear axle, seat tube angle of ~76deg, head angle a bit under 67deg with a 150mm fork (rated for up to 170mm). You can slack it out with an angleset if desired, I have a -1 on hand.

It’s not even heavy, under 32lbs with portly wheels, tires, and pedals.

The finish is Lenz’ “rawthic”, best described as “weathered look of a space ship in the latest Dune flick”. The finish complements the stack-of-dimes tig welds which are everywhere.

The bike can take a hit and is insanely grippy on rough climbs. It works with an air shock (what I use), but quite a few riders use coil shocks and the leverage curve is very progressive…

I will include a set of links which convert the rear suspension into 5" of travel and a more firm, XC feel, if that’s your jam.

Let me know if you have questions.


A little editing on my part, to highlight what type of riding the Lunchbox is intended for as someone asked.

Lenz describes the LB as their all-mountain and enduro bike.

In my experience it’s happy place is chunky trail riding, drops and steep climbs. It isn’t a super-long modern enduro bike primarily aimed to go fast downhill. It’s more versatile.

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It’s gorgeous! :heart_eyes:

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