FS: MegLock magnetic pedal kit **NEW IN BOX**

Ordered 2 sets of these and only used one.

Box comes with pedals and shoe “clips”. Also includes additional set of clips for 2ed set of shoes or replacement and a package of “toe stops” that help find placement.

Payed $350 after taxes/duty and shipping asking $250

Pickup in Kentville, but could meet around HRM possibly.

I’m curious how often you have to clean the magnets, the dirt around here has a fair amount of ferrous particles that magnets pick up. I do some magnet fishing with my kids and we get a ton of stuff stuck to the magnets. Even a little buildup seems to effect how well the magnet sticks to things, seems to affect the shear strength more than the straight on pulling power.

Not sure, I never used them. I own Brackish Bracing. We do custom medical bracing and adaptive equipment. I build up an adaptive bike for a little dude a couple years ago with a second project potentially for another person on the horizon at the same time. The second project never happened and I got stuck with the pedals. So they are just setting waiting for the next job so I thought I would see if any one else could use them in the mean time.

The plates don’t seem like it would be hard to clean off and there are shim spacers you can get to adjust the strength if needed.