FS: POC elbow pads - GONE

I bought a pair of POC VPD air elbow pads. After looking at their sizing guide and measuring my arms, I decided on size medium, turns out I need a large.



Last chance before I ship these back.

I may be interested, how small do they fit?

They are quite snug on my arms, but I could see them being the right size for you. Going by the measurements on their website, my forearm is right at the measurement they say for a medium, but I find they fit too tight for me.

Let me know if you want to check them out, otherwise I’ll be shipping them back next week.

I may be interested as well. I bought a size small pair a few years ago but found they were too small.

@Chris_Dwyer-perkins should have a look at them too, given his daring style and recent elbow fracture. :wink:


I doubt these would fit 'ol tumbleweed, these are too snug for Derek and myself. He probably should have some though!


Everybody should. I wont ride without them now. Despite the looks. 2 weeks off work and onto week 6 of having a hole in my arm. (Buy Jetters Elbow Pads!!!)

I would gladly take this if you have the matching knee pads for sale too.

I bought a large in the knee pads, so those fit me great, no plans on selling them though.