Full Face Helmets?

Anyone here ride trails around NS with a full face. Getting to the point where I figure protecting the head is worth a few hundred extra grams of weight. Any recommendations?

I’ve worn my full face for 100% of my trail riding for the past two years. I have the IXS Trigger and would definitely recommend it — it’s super light, good ventilation, and the fit feels just like a half shell with the dial system. It runs a little hotter and I get the occasional sideways glance from other riders, but I like my teeth as-is so screw ‘em. I remember one really humid day where I considered leaving it at home — 30 seconds into the ride I went OTB on some totally innocuous non-feature and went face first into a boulder. For me, the extra protection is well worth the trade offs.


I wear mine full time at wentworth now that they opened outer limits and hillbilly, have always worn it at keppoch. Do not wear it around here though or at the railyard.

Ive taken many many slams in my lifetime most of them being at wentworth or keppoch and i get nervous seeing people ride those spots in half shells.

I wear a fox rampage comp, its super warm though but thats no biggie. Would look into a more enduro style helmet in the future.

I know Leatt just came out with a nice one.

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I wear a Bell DH Fasthouse (Super DH Spherical | Bell Helmets) but only at DH spots like Wentworth, Sugarloaf, etc. It has a removable chin bar which is handy when climbing Wentworth.

@TamBan wears a Kali Protectives Invader helmet, a lightweight and breathable full face but that is not DH rated. Invader 2.0 – Kali Protectives
I might be what you’re looking for to trade weight/warmth and keeping teeth where they are.

I currently have a Troy Lee Stages and have pals with the Fox Proframe. Both are nice lighter weight more breathable options. I only wear mine for lift access riding like Sugarloaf or Keppoch and the only time I climb with it would be for an event like the Keppoch Enduro Race. I would’ve liked to have mine for riding outer limits at wentworth the other day, but that climb is a mission and in the heats I would’ve personally died with it on.

Thanks everyone. I’m leaning toward the Specialized Gambit (currently only $215 in purple) or the Kali. The Gambit is just as light but DH rated, so it might get the edge. Plus, purple is my daughter’s favourite colour, so at least she’ll like it!

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Great topic.

Never really for general trail/xc rides. Fully realize the risks but honestly wouldn’t enjoy the ride as much.

Park laps, shuttles or chair lift - 100%

Big enduro days are very weather dependant temp wise. Lots of gear can really bog you down and overheating can become a pretty big risk.

I have had a Giro, great lid and fit well but man was it ever hot.

Currently running a stages and couldn’t be happier. You cant go wrong with anything TLD.


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I have a fox rampage base model… it can get really hot especially wity the cheek pads in as their both thick which leaves less space for air flow inside rhe helment.

Removing the pads is a big help if climbing… thr rampage is a less expensive option plus they do come in kids versions

I used a Rampage and also often removed the cheek pads. Wouldn’t recommend that helmet. Too warm for my liking.

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It is warm i only wear it at keppoch when using the shuttle and the enduro race.

I always wear my helmet with the removable chin guard on for trail riding. It is lighter and cooler than an Enduro helmet or a downhill helmet. I sometimes get teased and sometimes mocked.
(I have a full-fledged fullface for downhill.)


Depends on where I am. If I’m at home in the Valley. it’s almost 50 - 50 these days.

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Full face for endurpo races or keppoch shuttle days.

I’ve been wearing a light mouthguard on on trail rides with my open face lately after seeing someone lose a few teeth on a relatively minor OTB. It’s not too bad to ride with and I’m still able to breathe well.


Had a pedal snap at 35 kM/HR at ski poley on the green trail, otb hard and managed to half ride down with only a bruised ass and broken ribs thanks to my full face which took a hard smack as I went down.


Jeez that’s a rough one.

I wish they were still making products like this, is that an old Met? There are some lighter enduro lids (I’ll be trying a Gambit shortly, and MET’s new Vanguard looks interesting (their stuff fits me well), but I’d wear a trail full face like you’ve got. They’re probably off the market because there’s no market, MTBers can be pretty vain.

I just picked up a fox proframe and its amazingly breathable paired witb rear rentention knob and mips. Id ride single track with it and DH comfortably.
Bit pricey but your safety is priceless.

Yes, it’s an old Met that I ordered from the UK 10 or more years ago. Love it because it is as light as a half-shell but still, once, because of the chin guard, totally saved my pretty face. If you ever find out that something similar is once again offered my helmet suppliers, please let me know. Good luck with your quest. Paul

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I see Sportwheels has a few on at a decent discount.

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I recently picked up the Specialized Gambit in purple on their 50% off sale. It feels almost as light as my Speedframe Pro when wearing it. Haven’t had a chance to test it on the trails yet, though.