Funny thing happened tonight

So I had finished setting up a bike for a friend whom is participating in the Tri the Oval this weekend and felt it needed to be tested. I hadn’t really changed much, but still would rather be sure.

As I’m getting ready, I decided to use a rear light even though I was just riding in the neighbourhood. I even had a fleeting thought of not wearing a helmet, but remembered I didn’t have a bar mounted light so a helmet was a must. As I’m enjoying my ride with the snow falling lightly and the temperature just right…a police officer pulls up. Yes, I got pulled over while I was on a bike doing about 10 kph on a side street. Thankfully, it was just a friendly and justified warning that the roads are getting slippery and it might be a good idea to wait until tomorrow.

Yeah, still kinda bummed about packing it in for the night. After all, I had thoughts of heading over to 1st Lake/2nd Lake for a short spin, but the officer wasn’t wrong. Probably not the best night to head out for a spin.

I’m glad I decided to take the time to put my rear light and more importantly my helmet on prior to heading out, could have ended up in ticketville. Something just beckoned me to search for that equipment, and put it on the bike. As William Shatner would say…Weird or What?

Or… someones looking out for ya. :wink:

More importantly, how did the bike work? :wink:

The bike was great! Back break a little squeally if that’s a word. Otherwise, no issues.

Squeaky brake? Now that just won’t do. :mrgreen:

I was going to put some oil on the pads to get rid of it…