Get Lost

I didn’t realize that the Sangster bridge was out so when I decided to keep going to get across another way I failed notice just how far I would have to go.
Your story sounds awesome Jim.
Epic rides are great!!

Don’t forget the always amusing 3 hr ride home turned 1 day walk. Always good for a chuckle.

Ok, Aaron, that sounds like a story we need to hear! Spill the beans!

128k Wow! That is a 100 more than I am comfortable with.
How did that happen?

I was lost years ago, more like turned around in a bad way.

Fairly new to the area I left my apartment in Clayton park on my new ridged frame ‘Tech Pro’, rode to Geizer hill where I rode all the single track that was there.
Then I went into Bayers Lake park to Beachville then onto the power lines of what we all know now as The Whopper. From there I rode on the power lines to what is now Kingswood,which was forest and wood roads back then. From there down to Kearney Lake over to Hemlock Ravine where I rode down it to the Bedford Hwy. Now Pooped! I take a break. When I am about to leave to head home I see a guy coming along on a road bike. Its was my friend Peter Eaton. he says he is going for coffee in Bedford. So as pooped as I am I draft him in to Bedford, load up on coffee, and he tells me that there are trails in Bedford and it will only take a second to show me the trail head. He took me to the Jacks Lake trail, not the Sandy lake single track MTB trails but the muddy old woods road.
Because Peter was on his road bike he could not go any further.
I went on my own, just wanted to go a little way in. I got lost, ran out of water. Every turn I took was the wrong choice, over and over getting further away from home. My biggest mistake was thinking that the Lucasville Rd was the Hammonds Plains Rd. I guess I was delirious. Finally I made it out just before dark, 7lbs lighter.
For those that know me now I could lose 7 pounds, back then it was a lot.