Getting off makes you stronger

Sorry for the misleading title gang.

Yesterday I had a great ride. Just before, during and soon after our move I found it very hard to get any intense, testosterone fueled rides in with any of my riding buddies.
I had a for solo rides and work commutes when ever I could just to ride my bike, and Sue and I have been out a few times also, but she is currently in the same no riding boat that I am in too. In all, they were less frequent than I would like.

At our new place, were are 3/ 4 finished of our kitchen reno, so when the boys started texting to let me know about a ride yesterday I knew that I had to do it and finish the kitchen another day.
I was sure that it was going to hurt bad, and that I would be dragging far off the back, but went anyway.

As soon as we set out, I was extremely surprised. I felt strong, really strong. How was this possible? I had not been putting in any intense miles or many miles at all.

I guess it boils down to the age old wisdom from the pros. It pays to take some time off the bike.

Anyone else every encounter this? Have you had the same results?