Ghost brand bikes?

I tried clicking the link thingy but I now realize that you first have to highlight the text that you want to make a link and THEN the link thingy will enable.

Anyone know anything about these ? … unisex.jsp

I’d start here: … -2012.html

…and why can’t I post a link?

The Ghost brand certainly is impressive, though I am not sure if their technology is as up to date with what we have with our leading North American manufacturers. Also, I am not convinced that MEC is the right place to buy a high end bicycle, but that is another story I guess.

Now, about that link… when you want to put a link in a thread one would assume that if you type it the link will automatically transform. Unfortunately, this site can’t do that so you have to insert the link manually by clicking on the link thingy in the tool bar above and insert in yourself. It is a pain in the ass I know, but PedalTrout will be getting a makeover soon and hopefully that will be rectified.

Happy trails!!

Now we ALL know! Awesome! I mean, to insert links. Noice!