Giant Defy 1 for sale

Hello everyone, I’m selling my excellent condition 2013 Giant Defy 1. It’s mostly stock, aside from the 28c and 25c tires on the front and rear respectively. The 105 drivetrain has been nothing but reliable and hasn’t even seen 1000km. I’m asking for $850, so message me if you’re interested.

Quick question from a fellow Defy owner…

How’s the clearance on the 25c and 28c tires? I’ve got a 2012 Defy Comp 1 running 23c tires
I was thinking about going wider for the spring road conditions.


The clearance is great on the rear. The 28c leaves about 7mm of clearance, maybe a millimetre or two less. The only problem with the 28c tire, which isn’t really a problem, is that the gap between the brake pads is a tiny bit less than the width of the tire fully inflated.

What is the frame size? Thanks!

Sorry for the delay, I must have missed the e-mail notification. The frame is a medium.

I haven’t sold the bike yet, so feel free to message me if anybody’s looking to add another bike to their stable.