Giant Demos at Spider Lake - Wed Jun 17th

Giant will be at Spider Lake tonight to demo some new bikes.

Is it too late to change our ride location tonight?

It is.

I had considered going until I realized the highest end bike they are bringing is essentially the same as what I already have. I’m not opposed to riding Spider instead of Whopper though.

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I’d rather stick with Whopper. Spider will be flooded with demo riders tonight.

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Lets all go and check out @jetter s bike at whopper.

Good point @Rolls

Mine even makes loud clicky noises @JeffV!

Wonder how many demo riders will be injured tonight when they hit that new work at the bottom of “my humps”.

Does anyone have a contact at Bikes Plus that can be alerted? @riderx? @Fatman?

Zach might be able to help with that…or Barry might be at the demo itself.

Fly caster! Zizzzz!

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