Giant Maestro bearing tool kit?

Anyone have the Giant Maestro bearing tool kit and might be willing to let me borrow/rent it? I’m sure I can probably kludge something together but having the proper tool would be great.


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I just went through replacing a rear triangle and servicing all he bearings. My thought on that is if you are planing on service/re-grease don’t bother with pressing bearing out they can be flushed in the frame and repacked. If you need to replace the bearings just tap them out or use a clamps or any other gizmo you can come up with to remove them they are easy to come out. When you go to install a new bearings just use the clamps or again whatever threaded rod and washer bearing press “tool” you make up as long as forces evenly applied on the outside ring of the bearing you will be fine.

These definitely need to be replaced and not just repacked. I’ve got a couple of homemade presses that I can press into service (yuk yuk)- a small one that I use for shock eyelet bushings and another that I do headset cups with. I should be able to adapt those to work but I thought with all the Giant bikes I see around someone might have the tool.

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Are you replacing all of the bearings or just certain ones?

I have a few in and out presses that I got a buddy to make for my '14 Trance. I have a few more I need to get him to make at some point, and modify one or two pieces so they work a little better but they did the trick for me. If I remember correctly, the ones I currently have are for the lower bearings around the bb area. 6802, 6900, 6902 bearings if memory serves.