Glenbourne Jump Park/Pump Track

Visited the Glenbourne Park in Clayton Park in Halifax for the first time since last fall, and the park is in pretty good shape. A lot of work has been done.

The pump track has been beefed up and extended. A whole extended loop has been added. Probably the best pump track around NS that I’ve seen.

The jumps were in hard shape last year. Someone had ruined the beginner jump line (small jumps) to use the dirt in the intermediate and expert jumps. The beginner line has been rebuilt and is in good shape.

The intermediate and expert jumps seem to have been rebuilt too. I don’t ride the expert jumps, but the first jump on the intermediate line is in good shape. The backside of the second jump didn’t look great, at least hitting it in the forward direction, but someone seemed to be working on it.

Cool, I’d like to check that out again. Was there once last year with my son. I’d like to actually be able to do some of those jumps LOL

Has anyone been to Glenbourne recently? Itching for a pumptrack sesh, but fear it may be too wet or require too much raking for a quick rip after work.

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I have yet to go down this year as I fear the same things. Last fall it was in pretty rough shape and I haven’t gone down yet because I’m not ready to start trying to smooth out the pump track ruts and holes yet so it will be somewhat ride able again.

Coady McMillan and the boys have been working on them over the past couple of weeks.