Global Fat Bike Day Ride, Dec. 6th

Fatbikers rejoice! It’s soon going to be that time of year again. Global Fat Bike Day is December the 6th, and I am organizing a ride way up in the wilds of Beaver Bank. It promises to be a hoot royale. See a part of Cold War history, the future of wind power generation, epic vistas, ride some great trails and backcountry roads and meet some new freinds. Will probably also include a nice little fire at some point. Mostly doubletrack, ATV trails and some overlanding. Nothing too hard that a fresh fatter can’t handle, but there will be some optional and interesting challenges along the way that we can try if wanted, and if not, watch the show! I’ll put a link up for the event on Facebook, as well. But, I will try to keep it updated here, as well.

Saturday, December 6th, 160 Scotia Terrace, North Beaver Bank, at 10:30 AM. Park at the end, before the barriers, unless it is full, then park somewhere along the road without blocking the bus stop.

Tell your friends! I know we have some Fatbike lurkers who aren’t on the facebook around Nova Scotia, so let them know!


Heading out to check the route out today. Should be a good ride!! Stay tuned…

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So, the ride is looking pretty darned sweet! Did most of it yesterday, just headed out here today to check on an old cabin that is back there, see if it’s worth including on the ride, as well. I know it’s a Fatbike ride, but regular mountain bikes and the fat-curious are welcome to join, as well.

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Changed to parking to just beyond the gate, just past 3041 Beaver Bank Road, HWY 354, parking across from the gate, along the road.