Glove Liners

So prior to this warm spell we had some some amazing winter trail conditions. One of the latest additions to my winter clothing was a pair of glove liners from Marks’ Work Wearhouse.

I have to say they were a great investment. They are thing enough to throw on underneath any gloves or mittens and you don’t freeze if you have to handle small items that gloves are too large for. Another great thing is that when your hands warm up on the trail, you can remove the liners, and just wear the mitts/gloves so you don’t overheat.

I just may be picking up another pair in the near future. There are various models available for a range of prices from outdoor shops like MEC, Marks Work Wearhouse etc.

Glove liners rule! I’m using a pair from Mark’s also… might be T-Max, I forget. As you say, great to wear when you have to fiddle with something on the bike and the extra layer works great when it’s really cold. I’ve also worn just the liners if I find my golves are a little too warm on their own. Did that Friday night- midnight to 2:30 AM ride… conditions were excellent though my buddy with studs had the edge.