GofundMe for TossedSalad's Fiona Damaged Farm

Bikergrl set this up for us. I was reluctant to agree to it and went back and forth a lot and am even hesitant to post it here, but we have animals to feed and they are our #1 priority so here it is. https://gofund.me/2005d515


Thanks for pinning this. Here is a bit of a story. We hay on Elbert’s property with his equipment and Enid harvests logs with him in the winter. Aftermath of Fiona's storm damage will be long-lasting, say Nova Scotia foresters, farmers | CBC News


Hey everyone! First off, a big thank you from The Grallers. You can’t imagine how it means to know that people care about you. Now that things are getting better and a little more back to normal we can start sending out thank yous to everyone but I wanted to do a quick post here. We just took delivery of 10 bales of haylage and the animals are going nuts for it. We had 10 delivered today but paid for 50 which will be dropped off as needed.


Also, we have four 150y/o intact trusses that are probably worth thousands of dollars to the right people so if you know anyone please let us know. We aren’t really in the right market but maybe someone knows a baller in Montreal or Toronto.

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