Gonna be a crappy weekend

Where is everyone riding this weekend? I gotta get out somewhere each day.

looks like a road riding weekend

That’s not my fault

Oh the spring, I wish we could skip over it and go right to summer.

I’d like to get out at some point Sunday, but I have a few things to take care of. If I were to get out I’m looking at a spin on a rails to trails thing somewhere or maybe a hike if not.

I just got in from a short ride.So wet but so very, very worth it. Just road around town hucking curbs and dropping stair sets. FREE RIDE NEVER DIES! :slight_smile:

I hit a VERY wet Shubie Park on Saturday but didn’t get to ride today. Just too wet.
This week doesn’t look any better. Maintenance time! I am gonna get my bike overhauled at Cyclesmith. I washed it after the last ride so it is clean and I won’t have to make excuses when I get there, for a change. :slight_smile: