GoPro App and Copyright Claims

I found out today that the music clip library of the GoPro video editing app cannot be shared on social media without a copyright claim.

If you upload a video to youtube that was edited in the app, and had music from the app library added then the music publisher will submit a copyright claim. This isn’t indicated anywhere in the app and I had to do so some digging after my latest copyright claim.

Here’s what GoPro has to say about it:

" Hello @flavor30. The music provided in the GoPro App and Quik’s isn’t cleared for commercial use, so if you want to create a GoPro App/Quik video for commercial purposes you need to add your own licensed music.

If your video is for personal use only (e.g. personal blog/educational purpose/family friends sharing), we pay copyrights so that our users can have those songs in their personal videos; however, be aware that if you share the video on social networks, it may not be that simple since Facebook / YouTube / Instagram don’t support individual licenses.

As for YouTube, they do not take down your video but they put ads on it. The GoPro App and Quik have music agreements set up so the music rights holders are able to claim and monetize user-generated content on the backend, so they just can’t block or take it down. There’s nothing to be done on the user’s side."

My advice for anyone else in this situation is to use the great (and free) audio library in the YouTube studio.