Gore / Empire Trails


Skill Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Location: Gore, NS

Trail Head:Highway 202

Trail Forks: Empire Trails

Website: www.goretrails.ca

Facebook The Empire Trails

Notes: These are private trails and a trail pass is required to ride. Day passes are available online ($8). Always check their Facebook page for current ride times, as they are weather and farm operations dependant.

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gore is open too ride on the first weekend of every month, parking now at the mudcraft event area.


As of Nov 1/16 Gore will be known as Empire Trails. The trails will be open to the public daily but you will need to purchase a $10 day pass to ride there.

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Some important info from the Empire Trails facebook page:

The Empire Trails have officially opened as of Nov 1st!

Here is the procedure.
1) Always check the Empire Trails fb page for any updates and hours of operation(weather/farm dependant). During hours, drive to the UOA Event Grounds at 2050 Hwy 202 - Gore.
2) Go in 100m’s to the red building in the back. Park anywhere in front/on the grass.
3) Enter the building, review and accept the rules, read your waiver and sign (ride at your own risk) and pay $10 in the payment box.
4) Check the map on the wall for the trail system perimeter.
5) Fasten your bike helmet secure, check over your bike, and be sure to hydrate.
6) Follow the white pegs that lead towards the woods and the trail marking within the trail system.
7) Stay on the open/marked trails. Some trails are closed for hunting season.
8) Look out for fellow riders, do not litter, respect the trails/land and have a blast!

The Empire Trails ride times this week are shown below. Weather/farm dependent.
Nov 7th to 13th
Monday 8-6pm
Tuesday 8-6pm
Wednesday 8am till 10pm (night riding open)
Thursday 8am till 10pm (night riding open)
Friday 8-6pm
Saturday 8-6pm
Sunday 8am till 10pm (night riding open)

*Until Spring 2017 when professional mapping will is up, riders must know the trail system or be riding with someone who does.

From the Empire FB page…

Empire Trail mapping has been printed and is being posted all throughout the trails!


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