Gore public ride day, nov. 3rd

Anyone else heading out for this on Sunday?

i’ve asked the warden for permission.

Gotta work.

What time?

Fitz, Fitz, FITZ!!!

I’d love to hit fitz, haven’t been there yet, but Gore is one of my favorite trails and this is the only chance I will get to ride this year.

I’m thinking of heading to Gore for 1030am on sunday

So it’s an open day… show and ride when you make it??

A few of us are going too. Hope the rain holds off.

Fitz or Gore, both great options. Still working regardless.

Postponed due to weather

That’s crappy. I was looking forward on riding Gore’s awesome trails. Any idea on when it will postponed to?

Until Nov 9th. Like Ride Gore on facebook to get all their updates.