Gore Ride - Sun., June 5th

Gore is once again hosting rides the first Sunday of every month.

This Sunday the ride will start at 10am. We will meet at the Mudcraft Grounds.

Where: Gore - meet at the Mudcraft Grounds

When: June 5th, 10am


Anyone coming by my neck of the woods that I could hitch a ride with? I can offer a dozen duck eggs as compensation.

This sounds exciting. I didn’t know Gore was open outside of race events. Do we have to have up to date registration/memberships with BNS or anything?

@ryansutc you don’t need anything. Just show up and ride.

Who is heading up from Hali??? I am considering it, and would carpool with anyone going to save on gas,

Also, how long do you ride for??? My little guy has baseball at 1:30, and I need to be back for that…

It can be up to you. The trails all start/finish at about the same place so you can do a few laps and be back in Hali depending on your drive.

Three of us are coming from the Valley to ride. Is anyone travelling with you @riderx?

Im in North end Halifax but haven’t been able to procure a car so if you or anyone is looking for passengers to share gas money let me know. Would be great to get an out of town ride in!

I am unfortunately out for this ride. I need to go to my cottage to do some much needed work.

I lost my front mud guard today at Gore today. If anyone found one let me know :smile: