Gore - Sunday Sept 7th

The forecast doesn’t look great at this point, but if the trails are dry I’m planning to ride Gore on Sunday. The time is TBD but I’m flexible. Anyone else?

Adam and I are planning to go, probably be there around 2pm. I haven’t been there in a very long time anyone it would be great to ride with someone who knows the trails. Anyone have a trail map or better yet a GPX tracklog?

I’ll try to aim for that time too, depending on the weather. Here’s what it looked like on Strava when I was there in July strava.com/activities/162667070

I have a free pass on Sunday. I may hit up the old hood myself.

There are a few of us who would like yo join you if you don’t mind low old guys

I’m definitely interested although I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it yet. Hopefully the weather turns out decent.

The more the merrier :slight_smile:
For anyone who maybe hasn’t been there in a while the parking/trailhead has been moved a bit further down the main road - pinned on this map:

We got a bit of rain up here, but probably not enough to saturate the trails, it’ll probably dry out by this afternoon. Still planning ride. Anyone have a report from Gore?

I’m still going also, for 2:00. Forecast looks nice and dry for this afternoon.

I’m hitting the road bike. It was some heavy rain here last night. I’m afraid of getting dirty.

Trying to convince my riding buddy (and transportation) to go… would be our first time there- pretty easy to navigate the trails?

We had a hard time finding the trail from the new parking area a few months ago but once you’re on the trails it’s pretty easy to get around in there.

Hey gtrguy, was that you and your buddy we passed on the trail? Would have been around 4:00. There were 6 of us.

That ride made my month! Great trails, great people. Thanks everyone.

Yeah, that was us. We had a blast discovering that trail network for the first time. Went through a second time, what a great spot!

Right on, glad you made it out. It is a pretty sweet trail. I already have it penciled in again for Sunday Oct. 5th.

Awesome ride, thanks guys!