Gorefest 2014

hey folks our annual gorefest weekend is almost here. this years event is 26, 27 of july. note that there has been some changes to the event. there will be a band playing saturday night this year for one. also there will be a general admission fee this year. for all the details here is the event website ridegore.ca/

trails will be open on saturday for trail riding after youth races are over.

Hope you have a great turnout today.

So how was it? The only thing I’ve heard was that the trails were great!

Kudos to the trail building skills of Tom and others the past few years.

just under a hundred racers for the main event on sunday and yes the trails were perhaps the best they have ever been. the band that played on saturday night was very tight and sounded really good. it’s unfortunate there were not more people there to enjoy them. the x games were held at the mud craft site and i did not go over to see them so i don’t really know how they turned out to be honest.