Gorefest Mountain bike Festival

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Hello everyone,
Our annual MTB festival known once again as “Gorefest” is back on again this year the weekend of August 9-11th! We plan to make 2013 bigger and better than ever! You wont want to miss this event. It’ll be action packed with competitions, games, prizes, another pig roast, fireworks and more! Please spread the word and be sure to sign you and your team up!:slight_smile:

If your would like to volunteer at the event, please let us know as we are looking more volunteers:) Send us an email to ridegore@gmail.com

Gorefest Newsletter from Mike Blois:

July 23rd/ 2013
Good day everyone,

My name is Michael Blois and I am managing the annual Mountain Bike Festival in Gore this year, known as Gorefest. This year’s event is less than 3 weeks away! the weekend of August 9th to 11th. Our organizing team has one year under our belt and we have big plans to make Gorefest 2013 better than ever, rain or shine!
For all the detail on our/your event, check out our new website, www.ridegore.ca. Registration is now open! We have a few changes in store for you this year. See a few of them below.

  • The festival will be known again as Gorefest, previously 8 Hours of Gore.
  • Gorefest is a 100% independent event this year.
  • Camping will be available from Friday till Sunday.
  • There will be both party camping and family camping sites available.
  • The endurance race will be Saturday, August 10th beginning at 10am.
  • This main event will be a 6 hour solo or team race this year, not 8 hour.
  • After the endurance race, we will have an evening agenda filled with food, games, music, fireworks and more. The show is only half over when the endurance race finishes!
  • We will have another big bad pig roast and corn boil for everyone who registers.
  • The kid’s race will be on Sunday beginning at 10am.

This Sunday, July 28th we will be hosting another trail building day to prepare for Gorefest. We had a full day of trail building on the 14th where some serious trail work happened on one of our downhill trails, called the Bi-hi. We plan to have this trail totally revamped and fast and flowy for August 10th. All Mountain Bike riders are encouraged to come out this Sunday to help us trail build and go Mountain Bike riding.

If you have any questions or concerns about Gorefest, please send us an email. We will do our best to get back to you right away. Hope to see you all at the festival; register soon, spread the word and get prepared! We promise it will be an event not to miss!!!

Gorefest Management Team
Michael Blois
Tony Mancini
Melissa MacInnis
Steve Smith
Randy Comeau
Samantha Babin
Tina Morgan
Chris Forgnaud

Official Gorefest email: ridegore@gmail.com

Pelham and I are going in this with his neighbour. This will be my first experience with a “race” although I’m sure it will be a leisurely pace for our team…that’s the only way I know how to ride haha. Really looking forward to it.

And for the kids!!!

From the Gore Files:

Thanks guys. We completed a very challenging section today while rerouted the course. Some quality trail building happened today.
Bi-hi trail building saga is now 90% complete…

Mike B.

Gore Pre-ride

Anytime Wednesday after 4pm. Head out and pre-ride the course that will be used for the 6 hours of Gore this weekend.

Pelham and I rode much of the expected course yesterday (took a different route in one part)…what a gem of a track!

One day to go! I wish all participants an awesome time.

To everyone attending, volunteering or spectating have a great time at Gore. Sounds like a lot of work has gone into the course so it should be a great time. Hope the weather holds for the weekend.

Good day Everyone!
Gorefest Mountain Bike Festival begins today! We’re getting all geared up for every aspect of your weekend! The trails are bone dry right now and fast as, so we’re not worried about any rain. Camping area is ready for you to come on out and start your weekend! Please share this message around and get geared up for a the big Mountain Biking experience known as GOREFEST! Register online or in person on site tonight or tomorrow morning. ridegore.ca/

MIke B.

Gorefest was a huge success. What a way to spend the day. After a damp night…the day was perfect and the trails were a blast. If you’ve never done it…make sure you get out next year. Was my first ever race and was a perfect intro to it for a wide variety of riders. Awesome experience!

little vidder Gore 2016
Best year for great trails


The trails look amazing! Awesome video Jim.